• Bill Gates cites Glocalities poverty study in annual letter

    On February 14 the Annual Letter of Bill and Melinda Gates was published. The topic of the letter was the impact of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on improving the world. In the letter Bill Gates cites findings from our Glocalities survey, which reveal that 99% underestimate the progress in the fight against poverty. Read More
  • Why elites are failing and people revolt

    Cross-Atlantic survey on anti-establishment revolts There are five major reasons why Western elites are currently failing in confrontation with anti-establishment revolts. This is the result of the cross-Atlantic Glocalities survey of Research Agency Motivaction International into values of 56,000 people in 24 countries. Read More
  • Third Wave Glocalities Survey

    Get access to global insights smarter and more efficiently than ever! Join us for the third edition of Glocalities values based research program. Add custom questions to our 24-country Glocalities survey. Read More
  • Press release: Global population does not want commercial banks to stay responsible for creating most of the money

    20-country survey: Low knowledge of who creates money Only 13% of people want private/commercial banks to create most of the money. 59% want to assign this responsibility to a public body (government/central bank)  Even among financial sector workers there is a lot of misunderstanding about money creation   Read More
  • Global Poverty Survey

    In the last 20 years the number of people who are living in extreme poverty has more than halved, one of the greatest achievements in recent human history. However, most people think the opposite is true: 87% of people from 24 countries surveyed think that extreme poverty has either increased or stayed the same. Read More
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