Glocalities offers insights and advice concerning target audiences, trends, cultural differences, communications, brand positioning and innovations.




Glocalities offers multiple applications for companies, NGOs and the public sector. Depending on your organization’s needs, situation and core values we are able to assist you with:

1.    Identifying, profiling and understanding your target audience
Your target audience will first be identified in the Glocalities dataset in the countries that are vital to your organization. Then, together we will determine which specific subjects from the Glocalities dataset will be analyzed and which analysis approach will provide the best result. Based on the outcomes and rich target audience profiles in the various countries, we can create personas, with which the new insights are brought to life.



2.    Communicating effectively
With our extensive knowledge of influence styles and of what drives people, we can provide you with sharp insights and recommendations that increase the effectiveness of your communication campaigns. Thanks to our Glocalities studies, we possess a comprehensive media module for each of the 24 involved countries, which can be enriched with influence tactics and tone of voice. The media module includes newspapers, television stations, and social and online media, which are in turn linked to extensive target audience data, consumer behavior and preferences.



3.    Successfully adapting to trends
Based on empirical data from the Glocalities study on trends and social change, we provide you with key insights and generation analyses. With extrapolations over a period of time we assist our clients with scenarios in order to understand the dynamics in the size of target audiences over time. Using these insights enables you to respond optimally to trends that are vital for your organization and ride the waves of change successfully.



4.    Working with cultural differences
How do countries differ from each other in terms of values and cultural norms? What does that mean for your organization and how can you adapt to these differences? Our Glocalities database gives you sharp insights into the differences between countries, markets and cultures. We analyze the regions, countries and cultures that are important for you and we advise you on how you can have cultural differences work optimally for your organization.


5.    Optimal positioning in the competitive field
What is your position in the competition arena? How distinctive are your core values and mission in relation to those of your competitors? The Glocalities research provides a deep understanding of motivations, needs and preferences in your market. We first map your unique position and potential in the values landscape, by identifying chances and threats. We then provide tailored advice that future-proofs your brand, product or organization.



6.    Aligning with the power of change
How do you innovate optimally to generate a breakthrough with your brand, product or idea? The Glocalities research provides a robust understanding of the innovative mindset required in order to achieve breakthroughs and locate the innovators that are vital to your organization. We help you to effectively approach less progressive groups by aligning with specific characteristics and benefits that relate exactly to their motivations.