Motivaction offers knowledge and recommendations in many different ways, depending on the customer's needs. Within a short period of time, we can provide clients with essential insights, analyses and recommendations based on research data and knowledge already available.




Here are a few ways through which we assist our customers:
•    Presentations / lectures
•    Consultancy / sharing expertise
•    Workshops / training
•    Reports on target audience profiles, communications, positioning, innovations, trends etc.
•    Quantitative and qualitative research, e.g. focus groups, area analysis, media analysis, stakeholder analysis, geographical analysis
•    Persona creation
•    Ad hoc studies

The Glocalities segmentation and trends can be integrated into quantitative and qualitative ad-hoc studies for various populations. In the event that Motivaction has no or insufficient data available to answer specific customer questions, we offer the option to once again approach some of our 56,000 respondents with your specific questions, or existing surveys among new populations. Recontacting earlier respondents offers a great advantage to our clients, because the existing respondent characteristics can be linked to the new questions to respond to your specific needs.

A competitive advantage of our Glocalities model is that it offers the option to work with intelligent (self-learning) abbreviated questionnaires in order to identify population segments. How this works, based on a first answer, the software determines which second question will be asked and so on. In this way, after the respondents answer just 15 questions it is (in most cases) possible to determine the Glocalities segment to which they belong with a high accuracy. This means that there is enough space in the survey to pose client and topic-specific questions. The desired level of accuracy can also be adjusted automatically if there is not enough space in the questionnaire to ask 15 questions.

This self-learning technique can be built into the customer’s systems and it can also be used in order to make new customized segmentations based on short questionnaires. We would be happy to discuss a customized proposal with you, based on target audiences that are relevant for you.