Data applications & Algorithms

Glocalities offers a method to structure data and discover the hidden patterns within your audience

Most organizations possess an enormous amount of data about their customers, clients and fans, but are lacking the strategic framework to translate this data into more effective client engagement. Glocalities offers a method to structure data and discover the hidden patterns within your audience. By using our segmentation modeling, we develop customized algorithms to reach audiences via offline and online (social) media channels with messaging that resonates with their values, lifestyle and psychology.


Effective persuasion with our data applications

Our experienced methodologists will enrich your data with values and psychological segmentation for more effective client engagement. Data enrichment allows you to distinguish the different types of your clients better. We build algorithms to align your marketing and communications with the different characteristics and needs of your clients. 
For example, customers in the Creative values segment are susceptible to visionary and innovative ideas, the use of humor, and being challenged to take a different perspective at things. However, clients in the Challenger segment are more driven by status and material values and are more susceptible to persuasion tactics such as attractiveness and offering something for free. With the tools that we provide to segment your data, you will make your communications more engaging.


Targeting via Facebook 

Facebook has more than 2 billion users worldwide and offers a lot of possibilities to target audiences based on their lifestyle and values. We provide different methods to help you define and reach your target audiences on Facebook and create more impactful engagement. 


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Martijn Lampert
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