Webinars: How to Use the World of Glocalities Application

Learn how to discover global target audience insights with the click of a button in one of our upcoming webinars!

The World of Glocalities (WOG) application enables companies, NGOs, and organizations to deeply understand their target audiences and their motivational drivers in an interactive and easy way. 

We are very excited to demonstrate the World of Glocalities application in the upcoming webinars this July:

  • Thursday, July, 18th at 10 am CEST

  • Tuesday, July 23rd at 6 pm CEST

Learn how to:

  • find and interpret the values, trends, psychology, and behaviors of your target audience
  • construct data-driven marketing and communication strategies for your brand, cause, or organization

The webinars will take approximately 45 mins and there will be time to ask your own questions at the end.

The WOG app is visual, intuitive, and data-driven: It delivers easy to understand and hands-on insights to increase your business. 

To explain how the World of Glocalities (WOG) app helps you to reach new audiences across the world, we interview Richard Wolffe, CEO of Thinkshift (NYC), read the whole interview here).

When asked which professionals could leverage the power of this app, Richard says anyone involved in marketing and communication and anyone involved in public engagement (political organizations, nonprofits): The usability of the app corresponds with what you're trying to convert people into. The World of Glocalities app is helpful to anyone who is dealing with conversions. It could be sales, subscriptions, or registering people to vote. Richard concludes by saying he loves the app:

"It's incredibly helpful, insightful and easy to use"

Recently, we updated the app. You now can:

  • run automated reports based on your demand
  • explore the latest 2019 data gathered by Glocalities (understand global, as well as country-specific trends)

Attend the webinar to learn how to use the WOG app: Interesting and current topics will be used as examples for your first Glocalities journey. In preparation, you can already try the demo version.

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See you there!

Watch the short introduction to the application:

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