Towards 2030 without poverty

In the last 20 years the number of people who are living in extreme poverty has more than halved, one of the greatest achievements in recent human history. 

However, most people think the opposite is true: 87% of people from 24 countries surveyed think that extreme poverty has either increased or stayed the same.There are ample opportunities for the United Nations, governments, NGOs and engaged companies to involve these frontrunners in the realization of the Global Goals set for 2030 and accelerate the pace of positive change.

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Why should you download this report?

A recent Glocalities study in coordination with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Oxfam and Global Citizen showed that the general public underestimates progress made concerning the SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals).

Only 1% of the respondents in our global study knew that the number of people living in extreme poverty has reduced by more than 50 percent. 

So, although the developments in eradicating poverty are positive, this is rarely the message that reaches the public. 

People are somewhat pessimistic, and this is a barrier to further engagement.

However, Glocalities research shows there are ample opportunities for the United Nations, governments, NGOs and engaged companies to take the fight against poverty and realization of the SDGs to the next level. 

This flash report reveals those Glocalities results, to help you:

  1. identify segments of the population who are most receptive to your message;
  2. form alliances with specific value-segments who share the 'end poverty' message;
  3. run successful sustainability marketing campaigns.

Here's how you can take the SDGs to the next level:

  1. Sign up today;
  2. Receive the report;
  3. Read the report;
  4. Implement the advice.

The report will reveal how to reach and actively mobilize a critical mass of visionaries and involved optimists in your fight against poverty.

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