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Watch the tutorials to discover how our application works.

Demo: Discover the archetypes, values, persuasion tactics & psychology of gamers across the globe.
Get a free demo account HERE to explore our data and get to know more about your target audience.

The Dutch (and Global) Red Bull consumer stands out due to its non-Eco-conscious profile. How can this rebellious brand align itself to a or purpose-driven marketing campaign?

Step into the shoes of the brand manager of Heinz and learn about archetypes, values, persuasion tactics & psychology of current Heinz consumers.

Profiling Zara consumers with the app: Are the company's steps towards sustainability in line with its consumers' values?

Explaining the App: Webinar (42min)

Explaining the Predictable Backlash on Gillette's 'Toxic Masculinity' campaign: Glocalities data shows how predictable the negative backlash to the ad was from the start 
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